Aerial Survey & Mapping Services

Jamaica UAV Limited offers skillful, accurate, customary land and aerial surveying services to complete the full service portfolio of our business offerings.  We have a wide selection of UAV’s, from vertical lift to fixed wing and both short range and long range UAV’s.

Selection of fixed wing UAV kits. Customized & assembled in Jamaica.  Designed for long range aerial imagery & mapping services. Fully autonomous using, open source & privately developed ground station systems. Client flight missions from our online scheduling application can be directly uploaded to UAV’s for fast and accurate deployment of missions.

Selection of vertical lift UAV kits. Designed for fully autonomous or manually piloted missions. Online video examples of aerial footage can be founded on our YOUTube channel.

We have partnered with local licensed land surveying firms.  Together we are taking land surveying to the next level by building on the Best Practices of both fields to provide the most innovative and comprehensive service in Jamaica.


Value-add surveying services:

  • 3D model generation
  • Contour & Topographic mapping
  • Georeferenced orthophotos
  • Exceptionally detailed DEMs / textured polygonal models
  • LiDAR services coming soon!

Example of Deliverables:


Orthomosaic Imagery

Mosaic Image (internet based imagery), of 20 Lady Musgrave Project

Quality Report

Aerial Mapping Project Report of 20 Lady Musgrave Project

Aerial Video Report

Aerial Video Report of 20 Lady Musgrave Project

Google Earth Integration

Google Earth 3D Model of Stewart Castle Project (KML file is 8.5MB)

Google Earth 2D Model of Mona Heights Project (KML file is 68MB)

 * Google Earth is required to view KML files (download for free here)