Aerial Video & Imagery Catalog

Jamaica UAV Limited has now made available its extensive digital library for licensing to third parties:

  • Film/Movie Studios
  • Post Production Firms
  • Television Networks
  • Digital licensing Firms
  • Online Content Distributors & Licensing Agencies

Our catalogue is available on flexible licensing terms that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Jamaica UAV,  over the past 3 years, has collected the largest and most unique digital library of aerial HD video, aerial photography and aerial imagery of Jamaica, that cannot be found anywhere else. Our library assets consists of hundreds of hours of high quality video (1080p@60fps), high quality photographs (12-24megpixels) and various geo-referenced orthophotos imagery. Our library has been digitally catalogued and prepared for local or international; commercial or individual licensing.

If you do not see content that suits your project just let us know and we will shoot it.

For more information contact our licensing department at



For more information on licensing, redistribution, or collaborative  opportunities, please contact our licensing department today.