JamaicaUAV, brings significant experience in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems, operations, support services, logistics and program management experience to support our client’s mission. We have the needed experience, processes and tools to support UAV missions. Our belief in platform independence allows us to forge lasting relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. Our personnel complete rigorous training alongside OEMs, gaining valuable expertise in the maintenance, operation and repair requirements of numerous platforms. As a result, we deliver expertise and a full suite of services that is only vested in your mission’s success.

Our fleet of UAV & UAS systems, include a wide selection of ‘vertical lift’ or multi rotor UAV’s, and long range ‘fixed wing’ UAV’s. Our UAV’s can be programmed for fully autonomous missions via closed or open source ground station systems, or manually piloted missions. Various payload capacities allows us to deploy various imaging devices and sensors for mission critical services. All our systems and solutions have been fully tested and proven right here in Jamaica.

Selection of fixed wing UAV kits. Customized & assembled in Jamaica.  Designed for long range aerial imagery & mapping services. Fully autonomous using, open source & privately developed ground station systems. Client flight missions from our online scheduling application can be directly uploaded to UAV’s for fast and accurate deployment of missions.

Selection of vertical lift UAV kits. Designed for fully autonomous or manually piloted missions. Online video examples of aerial footage can be founded on our YOUTube channel.