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Jamaica UAV Limited, deploys no fly zone safety feature integration into its UAV/UAS

June 27th, 2014 – Kingston, Jamaica:

Jamaica UAV Limited, deploy’s integrated safety features and no fly zone’s into its fleet of UAV/UAS.

In an effort to reduce the risk of unintentional flights around airports, Jamaica UAV Limited, has deployed the latest firmware updates to its  flight controller UAV/UAS lineup, that effectively prevents the UAV/UAS from getting too close to manned aircraft entering and exiting what is referred to as “Category A and B” airports. The reality is that these are mostly busy airports in class B and class C airspace; large international airports are usually class B, while slightly small regional airports usually fall into class C airspace.


No fly zone integration chart

Jamaica UAV Limited, is also working to deploy a similar but much more advanced no-fly zone database, into it’s flight controllers.  These advanced flight controllers and ground stations will utilize a ‘geo-fence’ which will restrict the UAV/UAS from flying outside of this zone.  Regardless if the craft is manually piloted or in fully autonomous flight mode.  The on board computers will simply instruct the UAV to ‘bounce’ off the geo fence or instructed to RTL (return to landing zone), or land at a backup LZ (landing zone).  This will be deployed into its pilot training procedures, in field testing, and flight planning/missions.

Jamaica UAV Limited, will continue to to improve our safety features, and policies; with its platforms, business processes, and communications with its partners, to continue to be Jamaica’s leader in UAV/UAS services & solutions.

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