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Thank you for visiting web site. The purpose of this website is to give you, our visitor, an opportunity to learn more about  the services we offer, and the methods you can use to contact us. is commited to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy was created to clearly describe what personal information is collected, used, and disclosed by Acceptance of this privacy policy is assumed everytime you visit our corporate website ( Any updates to our privacy policy will be published to this page and indicated by a new ‘Last Updated’ date.

Information Collection

As stated in the overview above, the purpose of this website is to provide visitors with information about Interactive Horizons Inc. Therefore, personal information is only obtained when a visitor submits an inquiry via the ‘Contact Us’ form, or sends an email to

In addition, we collect information relating to the technical details of each request to This information is limited to:
1.The IP address used to access our website.
2.The manufacturer, version, and capabilities of the web browser used to view our website.
3.The IP address and URL of the website that referred the visitor to our website (if applicable).
4.The search keywords used to find our website (if applicable).
5.The operating system of the computer used to access our website.
Note: None of the information outlined above is collected using cookies. This website does not place cookies on a visitors computer.

Information Usage

The personal information (name, telephone, email, message) that is submitted with our ‘Contact Us’ form is used by to provide the appropriate response to a visitors inquiry. Any information contained within an email sent to is also used to provide a detailed response to the sender of the email.

The technical details of each request to is used by to ensure our website is compatiable with the various technologies used to access it. We also use this information to better understand our website’s traffic patterns, such as peaktime, the geographic distribution of our visitors (Country), and top referrers.

Information Disclosure will not disclose any of the information collected to third-party vendors, advertisers, or any other organization. Nor will we use the information for any future correspondence (email, telephone, fax, etc.) that is not directly related to the original submitted inquiry or email. All information collected is for internal use and will be destroyed in accordance with our retention policy.

Please contact us regarding any questions or concerns related to information disclosure, or any other aspect of our privacy policy.

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